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With people seemingly more health conscious than ever and even more concerned about health and wellness, the majority of Americans still believe that they do not have enough energy. This includes business executives, homemakers, athletes and students, with age having no relevance. Are there any easy ways to turn this around? Well, yes and no

There are some specific changes that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to be able to perform at a high energy level. It does take commitment and consistency, of course, to achieve your desired result. It also needs to be a well rounded approach and not just concentrated on one or two areas. Implementing a new exercise regimen or taking vitamin supplements does not guarantee success. In fact, in many cases it leads to failure. But it is the combination of some crucial steps that could make all the difference. Each step will build upon each other and create more natural energy than you ever thought possible.

Let's start out with the more simple steps such as adequate water intake. Most people do not get enough and do not realize that dehydration is occurring. The body must detoxify itself properly by eliminating wastes and cannot do this without the proper intake of water. Some symptoms of dehydration include headache, constipation, dry skin and, you guessed it, fatigue and loss of energy.

Another simple step to take is rest. Sleeping at night is how the body repairs itself. But let's not ignore how important rest is during the day .Taking periodic breaks (3-5 min.) a few times during the day is essential. When doing this, it is important to do some breathing exercises. You will notice after several times of performing this that your level of energy will increase.

One of the major components of change involves consumption of food. Of course this is one of the most controversial subjects because of so many different opinions on diets. But what it all boils down to is proportions. Correct proportions will not only provide our bodies with the best nutritional balance for each meal, but it will increase energy levels and decrease the likelihood of binge eating, low blood sugar or blackouts. We could literally go on for hours about how important this topic really is but for now let's just say proper portions of fats, carbohydrates and protein will get you on the right track.

Staying on the subject of diet is the difficulty in getting the right amount of nutrients in our regular diets. With processed food becoming the norm in our society, as well as the consumption of fast foods and stress levels at an all-time high, vitamin supplementation is essential.

Stretching on a daily basis is very important and is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, where many employers have implemented injury prevention programs for their employees. Computer analysts, athletes, teachers and all professionals are all prone to injury and benefit when a proper stretching program is in place. This not only prevents injuries and increases energy levels but will increase range of motion, improve posture, improve coordination and balance, and reduce muscle spasms. Please consult a health professional who specializes in this area on specific stretches to meet your needs.

Obviously, with all this in place we need to make sure that the body is in its top physical condition. A lot of us take our bodies for granted and often overload our bodies with more physical activities than it can properly handle, which usually results in injuries. Sometimes these injuries go unnoticed and will end up affecting our body's nervous system if we let it go too long. We have to understand that all the body's functions are attributed to how our nervous system is functioning. Keeping the nervous system in optimum working condition is vital to this program's success. If you are eating correctly, stretching and getting adequate water intake and rest, none of it will matter if your nervous system is not functioning properly. Consulting with a Doctor of Chiropractic is crucial here to make sure areas of concern are identified and treated properly.

To summarize, adequate water intake and rest, food proportions, vitamin supplementation, stretching and keeping the body physically intact are the keys in eliminating fatigue. You will notice that, almost immediately, your energy levels will increase by putting these systems into place.

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